My new family!

  1. So I decided to take pictures of my new Coach family for everyone! This is the stuff I bought for myself during PCE: Lily in black, Gigi in Clay, Bleecker Checkbook Wallet in bottle green, Bleecker Mini Skinny in bottle green and the Jewelry Pouch in punch/orange! Also today I ordered the Tattersall Ponytail Scarf and that should be here next week!

    I also ordered some gifts during PCE, these were:
    Sofia Sunglasses for my cousin
    Medium Carly in Chocolate for my cousin
    Frog Keyfob for Stepmom
    Ergo Patchwork Wristlet for Stepmom
    Frog Cell Lanyard for little Sister
    3 Skull Keyfobs for various Christmas gifts

    So I think i'm done for a while since I spent more this week then I have ever spent at Coach before! Today was the 5th time in a week that I went in there and it seemed to be the same people everyday working so they were always like "OH you're back again!". Kind of embarrassing! But today I actually got a job application too so we'll see how that goes! :p
  2. WOW everything is so lovely!!! O_O
  3. Ok, that's some seriously gorgeous Coach you have there! LOVE the choices, and the new bleeker miniskinny is adorable!

    How are you going to use your Gigi? Is it a work bag, etc? Love it!
  4. wow that is a big PCE haul and they're all so gorgeous!!! :yahoo::drool: Thanks for sharing :p
  5. I'm not really sure yet how i'm going to use the Gigi. Probably when I have alot more to carry then usual like on trips and stuff. It will be good as a carry-on bag for the plane!
  6. Oooh I really like the Bottle Green color. Now I don't know if I want to get a Bleecker wallet in Ink, Wine or Bottle Green. Too many color choices for a change lol.

    You have a great collection :smile:
  7. nice collection! the jewellery case is a great colour combo
  8. great collection!!! :tup:
    I just got back about 10 minutes ago from picking up my Clay Gigi at Coach. I love the tattersall pony scarf...what is the item # and price on that one?
  9. What is the style # for Bleecker Checkbook Wallet and how much did you pay after the discount? The color is just beautiful....I can't wait to get one!
  10. Tattersall Ponytail Scarf is #98272 and $38 and the Bleecker Checkbook Wallet is #40884 and is $248 normally, $186 with discount. But I was lucky getting the discount because you're not supposed to get the discount on the Bleecker line.
  11. And this isn't even my whole collection! I have alot of other bags, these are just the new members! ;)
  12. omg, all that within PCE week? wow, i'm lucky if i get two coach items within the same month! great haul, congrats!
  13. Yea, trust me, i'm now broke! And my fiance is not real happy with me but thats ok! He'll get over it :yes:!!
  14. GREAT HAUL!!! I ony bought 2 swingpacks and one is a gift! ... I'll just have to do better next time. LOL....:yes:
  15. post your whole collection ehehhe i love the mini skinny