My New "Family", Including Mickey

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  1. I have been on a whirlwind of Coach goodness over this past week. First I got the department store exclusive 75th anniversary saddle bag in black with burgundy contrast, then I got 4 Disney items: the pondering face zip wallet and 3 of the 4 face hangtags (didn't care much for the profile one). Then, when I went to the outlet to return the extra "just in case my 1st order didn't go through" wallet, I saw a that my outlet had a wall of fabulous deletes and picked myself up a black Ace satchel. Whew! I think I am done for a very, very long time. Now, to figure out which Mickey goes on the Ace. Oh man, first world problems, lol. 20160624_190209.jpg
  2. Enjoy your fabulous haul!
  3. Wow! Those are some great goodies. Enjoy!!
  4. Love that Ace satchel I think it would be cute with the Mickey hangtag. How much was the Ace at the outlet? My outlet is about 40 minutes away. Trying to decide if it is worth the drive or just order from coach online sale at $295.
  5. Love your new family! Congrats!
  6. It's the same sale price at the outlets that it is online (the $295). There is no extra percentage off.
  7. Not sure if it makes a difference to you but the black one I saw at my outlet was the older one that is not lined in leather. I believe the one on the Coach website is the newer one with the leather lined interior (has a slight burgundy trim) They were both the same price at outlet and FB website.
  8. Great family!
  9. Great haul~!! Congrats & enjoy~!!
  10. Thank you for the information. Honestly never saw the Ace before your family picture. Been away from Coach for a bit and came back for the Disney. I got 2 of the hang tags and the turnlock wallet but did not love any of the bags. That Ace looks perfect. It looks like the Coach website has both options. So yours does not have the colored trim?
  11. The leather lined one is the 75th anniversary edition. The older ones that have the cloth lining and not as much burgundy trim.
  12. Awesome haul! Congrats!
  13. Congrats! Love your items. Mickey stuff is really adorable and love Ace satchel. I have Ace in Racing Green color. :smile:
  14. I love the Mickey wallet.
  15. Love the hangtags and the wallet