My new Fall-Winter Square Paddington

  1. Hi Ladies! Just wanted to show you my 2nd Paddington purchased yesterday. I just cant resist its chocolate color.

    24b Chloe Square Paddy.jpg

    24c Chloe Square Paddy.jpg

  2. Yum! That is a beautiful color.
  3. Wow, looks good :nuts: . Show us a pic of you holding it, please!
  4. Lovely shaped Paddy! The Colour is so rich you're ready for winter now with that beauty!
  5. That's a beautiful box paddy. And the choco color is delicious.
  6. so cute :love: .
    Gosh, I bet you cannot wait to use it :smile:
  7. Congratulations, that is one beautiful choco bag!
  8. Oh so cute!! You should take a photo of you wearing her. Is it heavy?
  9. Chocolate is so amazing! Love it! Congratulations!!! Let us know if its easy to wear!! It looks HOT!!!
  10. Very cool!
  11. Hi Lordguinny! Yup its a little heavier than the normal Paddington. But I love it anyway! I'll post some photos with me carrying it.

  12. As requested here's few pictures of my Paddington. Hope the pictures comes out alright. No one around to take my photo.


    Chloe Square Paddy 003.jpg

    Chloe Square Paddy 002.jpg

    Chloe Square Paddy 004.jpg
  13. the color is so yummy, congrats! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks for the additional pics, hysteric . It looks great on you!
  15. completely agree, it really, really suits you :smile: