My new fall Miu Miu!!!!!!

  1. I just bought this presale today at Saks. Next Thursday is "Spend Some Get Some" so I can presale it in order to get my $125 coupon to use later. It is soooooo gorgeous! I got it in the Sugero (brown) color, but they also had black. The black is beautiful, but I just bought the MJ Stam in black, so I opted for brown. Neimans also had it in a distressed suede as well, but I like the calf better. I may exchange it for black though; we'll see.

    The pics do not do it justice; it's got these cute little leather bows on the sides and is just so yummy!!!!!!!:P
  2. OMG that is AMAZING!! what are the dimensions? That Sugero is tdf.
  3. WOW that bag is beautiful! How much does it cost!?
  4. wow that is a beautiful bag! how much?!
    post pic of it with you!!
  5. I have to wait for the bag to be shipped to me next Thursday (the actual sale date), but the bag is $1050, which I think is actually quite a steal, and is even more so once the $125 "Spend some" reward is factored in.

    Dimensions are 10½"H X 14½"L X 6"W. They also have a slightly larger bag in the same style for $1050 as well, but it doesn't have the detachable strap.
  6. that just look so comfy and functional...
    i bet you can't wait to have it... :smile:
  7. It's a lovely bag. Congrats.
  8. Gawd, I love it and perfect size too!! :party: It's wonderful.
  9. I am so excited! I had promised myself "no more bags" for a while, but this one really called to me. It's very much my style and is the perfect size. Plus, it's so much like the Prada that I've been drooling over, but at half the price. The Saks SA sais they just got them in this morning (or yesterday morning) as well.

    I can't wait to get it!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Very pretty! The leather looks fabulous! Congrats!
  11. Wow that bag is truly beautiful! Loves it!
    I'm really starting to love Miu Miu handbags, there bags this season are truly gorgeous!
    Congrats, don't forget to post pics when it arrives!
  12. I saw that bag in Saks NYC earlier this week and really liked it. Was close to buying the black one, and I still may! Congrats!!!
  13. congrats, this bag is HOT!
  14. Very nice!
  15. so cute..I love it!