my new FALL Gucci bag!

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  1. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. :biggrin:

    Its the New Pelham Large Shoulder Bag in dark brown guccissima leather. I first saw it at my local Gucci boutique in early June, then a couple weeks later in New York, and of course Bagladee revealed hers on tPF last week.

    The most surprising thing about this bag is the guccissima--its much softer and lighter weight than on my other two Gucci bags. So the bag is slouchy and squishes flat against the body when carried on the shoulder. Its very easy to wear. Yet it looks gorgeous when carried by hand as a tote too. Measures about 16.5" long by 11" high with a generous 8" shoulder drop. Roomy but not huge. And the leather smells fantastic.

    I think Gucci has a great fall lineup and now I'm already plotting my next puchase. :nuts: (Wish those New Jackie bags weren't so much $$$.)



    I've had several Gucci bags over the years, but this is the first new one that I've bought in a while. Here are the other two that I currently own: a black Signoria Dome Bowler and a green Wave Boston Bag. (You can see better pics of them in my collection thread.)


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  2. That is a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
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    Omg! I'm ga-ga for your Gucci! Your collection is brag-worthy & i'm totally drooling over ur Pelham! I'm stoked cuz i just ordered my 1st Gucci on sale from The Joy Small Boston Bag! I'm not a big-timer yet in the "high-end bag club", Coach & Dooney is the norm for me.
  4. That is a beautiful Pehlam - I love the stitching on that bag and the contrasting leathers! You're right, the Fall line up looks amazing...

    I have to comment on your green wave boston bag - it's tdf! I love that shade of green!
  5. What a gorgeous and varied Gucci collection... I love all of your Gucci bags! Congratulations on your new guccissima Pelham shoulder bag, it truly is a fabulous choice. Enjoy!
  6. Thank you luckyblonde3295, crazyboutcoach, GhstDreamer, and Expy00. :ty:
  7. OMG -- what a luscious bag!! Makes me want to go out and shop...and I think I just might!! Congrats on the great choice and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  8. Congratulations on your new Fall line bag! She's gorgeous!
  9. Stunning! Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations!!!!! We are now bag twins!!! Don't you just love everything about this bag??? I have been on a bit of a buying spree lately so this bag has a lot of competition but I think she will definitely be one of my favorites. I am so surprised how light she is and how easy to carry. So what are you scheming for next? I saw a beautiful black lambskin bag but am waiting to see the large Icon Bit in black GG leather before I pull the trigger.

    So glad that you have your new bag - wear her in good health!:biggrin:
  11. It's beautiful, congratulations and enjoy your new bag :biggrin:
  12. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  13. This bag was on my Fall bag considerations, lovely bag and it looks great next to its 'cousins'

  14. Such a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  15. wow.. they are all lovely items.. COngrats!! the guccissima is so yummy!