My new Fall Edith in Brun is here!!

  1. OMG I just fell in love!!!
    I just picked her up and I was able to choose from 6 brown Ediths so I took the softest with the most even leather. The brun is a bit different than the chocolate and I love love love the contrast stitching:love: :love: :love: . I'll take pics later so you can share the joy with me. It's so weird I was thinking all the time about her and I wasn't sure at all if I loved her enough to buy her but when I saw her I melted.
    The Chloe shop had all new Paddies in (orange, aubergine) and all the new styles. They got about the whole new collection but the Ediths were just available on pre-order. The girl in front of me picked up the red one and it's such an amazing colour IRL.
    I'll update my showcase later because all most of my old bags are switched into different styles.
  2. How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats!
  3. I can't wait to see her! I"m so envious of you, getting to see all the colors! I'm really considering pre ordering an Edith from LVR but I'm torn with all the colors, I can't tell what they' really look like from their pics.

    Did you see anything in that greyish color that seems to be like the mousse? I sooo wish I could see the rouge!
  4. Piccccccss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats, Tanja! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. Wow, I can't wait to see the "BRUN" irl! I didn't know that the fall edith's were out already! How exciting!
  7. Congrats, Tanja!!! I'm aching all over to see your pics, lol!

    Wow, so you saw the red one too? Could you pls describe it? Was it a deep cool red or a brighter, lipstick red? I can't tell anything from LVR's pic. It looks photoshopped, I reckon.
  8. The red is a lip stick red with a blueish undertone really pretty. The other Ediths bags weren't out on display because there are all pre-orders and if you haven't pre-ordered you can just buy one when it's a return or if someone didn't want it anymore. They were all in their dustbag stashed away. They brought mine out and the ones wre I could pick from. I saw the red because the girl just bought it.
    So here come the promised pics. I'm 5.4 and it's the medium Edith just to show the proportion.
    I just love her smell:heart: :heart:
    Gaucho 008.jpg Gaucho 011.jpg Gaucho 023.jpg
  9. Wow - she looks amazing on you! :heart:
  10. Thank you, that's very sweet!
  11. Very nice! Brun looks like the chocolate though. How does the color differ? Your house is very nice too!!
  12. Tanja, what a gorgeous Edith!!! You wear her well! Hey, is that your Ink Bbag I see on your bed there? :amuse:

    Thanks for the explanation of the red.. I think I likies a lot!
  13. Oh I love that on you! I'm the same size as you too so it's great for me to see how it fits on you. I LOVE the brun color!
    Thanks for the pics!
  14. Yeap, that's my ink. The brun seems to be a bit lighter than the chocolate and not so rich. It's not a huge difference.
    You're all too sweet, girls!!
  15. Wow Tanja! Edit looks fabulous on you, and love that color! Just divine!