My new Fall 07 Bordeaux Blake

  1. HI everyone,

    Thanks go out to eisse for the reminder to go get my new baby.... I picked her up from the MJ boutique on Melrose on Sunday. Parking was a catastrophe- but I didnt care about that once I got my new bag in my hands. Can I just say how much I am in love with this bag?!?

    Thanks also to Helena for the heads up on the trunk show (back in march?) and for the referral to Stella. She was so nice (and not pushy) and I will only buy my MJ items from her in the future.

    I also got a few "special items" at the Marc by Marc Store too but I'll post those separately...

    So now without further ado..... here's my new love of my life:drool:
    MJ blake fall 07.jpg MJ blake fall 07 inside.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!!!:woohoo:

    I'm plotting a bordeaux purchase right now!
  3. Congrats on a beautiful bag, I'm so glad to hear that you & Essie like this color. Looking forward to pictures of your "special items". =)

  4. Gorgeous bag
  5. Congratulations on the bag. Looks gorgeous.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing what special items you got.
  6. Congrats! It's such a rich color! Enjoy it!
  7. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  8. Your bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the color! :tup:

  9. Thanks! and I swear, you wont be dissapointed. I think it would be a divine color in a zip clutch as well....
  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I like to have other PF'ers opinions and compliments.
  11. the more i see that color the more i want s/t Bordeaux!!

    your new love is beautiful!! Enjoy her!!
  12. SOOO PRETTY! Congrats!
  13. congrats!!
  14. That color is so beautiful! Congrats!!
  15. Hello bag twin...I haven't taken her out yet but i have taken her out of the dustbag to oogle her!!! Are you gonna wait till the Fall to take her out?