My new F/W sneakers

  1. Preordered during trunk show. I like the purple/brown color combo.


  2. Those are hot!!!!!! :heart: I think the bf NEEDS a pair of those, he has the s/s ones in cream and they look so good. Those are AMAZING though!
  3. very nice. looks a bit retro. me likey. congrats!
  4. OOoohhh... I like those a lot!!! Congrats on the new HOT shoes!!! :drool:
  5. Congrats, they look great!
    My boyfriend saw the LV cup ones similar to these and he loved them!
  6. These are very Fab them:heart:
  7. Drool! How I wish I could buy one for my hubby ;) How much did it cost u?
  8. Those are awesome! Congrats!
  9. Dude I've been wanting those! Hmm...need to talk to my SA ASAP!!!
  10. those are quite different, good different of course :smile:
  11. Omg I Love Those! How Much?!?
  12. hot!! congrats!
  13. Very nice!! Congrats!!
  14. Those are so hot!!! Enjoy your new shoes!
  15. yes, those are way hot! love em