my new everyday ring

  1. this is a gift from my pal - everyday trilogy ring. :heart:
    i like it alot, has alot of sparkle. i love the setting, it has only 2 prongs to hold each diamond vs the usual 4-5 prongs which i commonly see in my country.

    sharing my joy here :nuts: thanks alot!

    sorry my pics are so big even though i tried reducing down the size. hope i didn't cause anyone inconvenience.

  2. that's very pretty. congrats.
  3. Lovely ring. Congrats!
  4. It's lovely! Enjoy!
  5. love it!!
  6. Love it! :smile:
  7. Beautiful. I love simple and classy rings like that.
  8. Pretty ring!
  9. Very pretty...congrats!
  10. very nice! enjoy wearing it.
  11. oh thats so cute!
  12. wonderful ring! ...looks classy :biggrin:
  13. thank u so much for sharing my happiness. :yes:
    **hug hug**
  14. I need a pal like that! lol Its a beauty, congrats!
  15. congrats, lovely ring