My new "everyday" jewelry

  1. Yes, that is what Mardo and Seyda told me. For every day. Well, maybe in Newport Beach! Probably not in humble Oregon, but I do it every weekend anyway!

    Whenever we visit Mardo and Seyda, Bob knows he is in for it. We have only walked out empty-handed one time. So I think he keeps it down to a once-per-year visit as much as he is able! :p

    Enough talk! On to the bling! The pendant is 25ct Natural-color Aquamarine in a quilted cushion cut. It is for our 15 year anniversary. Love!


    Earrings are 6ctw I think. I could have gotten matching aqua earrings but I wanted something more versitile. Love!

    100_0607sm.jpg 100_0611sm.jpg

  2. :wtf::nuts: .... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Holy CRAP, those are incredible!!!! You gotta wear that necklace, if I had something that magnificent you'd never get it off me!
  4. Those are absolutely huge and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you put the necklace on, just show it on your neck??? It is sooo beautiful :girlsigh:
  5. Yowza! Huge and soooo lovely! Happy 15th!
  6. We'll see how brave I get. Only took me 45 days to finally publish these! I'm not exactly speedy, but I'll make the effort for you, Megs!
  7. those earrings are on my short list.
    Now that I got my studs upgraded, I really NEEEEEEEEED some diamond hoops, don't you think!?

    LOVE them, congrats!
  8. I totally agree! Every girl needs hoops and studs, and studs who look like George Clooney, Brad Pitt or David Beckham. *sigh*
  9. GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats!
  10. Very nice!!!!
  11. Beautiful..
  12. beautiful. love them.
  13. that's pretty. congrats!
  14. Gorgeous!!
  15. Wow. That necklace is absolutely stunning!!