My new everyday bag: Somerset shoulder

  1. :yahoo: I just got a black Somerset shoulder! I have been planning to get a somerset for a while, trying to decide between the shoulder and the hobo. Yesterday I finally took the time to try on the bags and found that this was the size for me - the hobo was a bit on the big side. The material is called tumbled grain, and it feels like a smoother version of the darwin. One zipped pocket on the front and one small extra pocket on the inside. This is a surprisingly roomy bag and holds my daily needs - wallet, cellphone, keys, lipstick and small agenda. Great bag and I love that it is lightweight. The only flaw would be the non-adjustable canvas shoulder strap - this bag would be a perfect messenger with a longer strap. Sadly, my Mulberry store does not sell extra straps - they stubbornly refuse to let me order a longer strap because it would alter the design of the bag. Well, I guess it's a good thing that they feel strongly about protecting the brand and the original design!

    And some modelling pics to give an idea about the size:
    IMG_0043_signed.JPG IMG_0044_signed.JPG IMG_0046_signed.JPG
  2. Really nice! The Somerset range is great. I tried on the tote but the straps were a bit too short and I felt as if the bag was sitting in my armpit! I like the look of the hobo, just waiting to see if any come into the factory shop. Congratulations on your new bag. It looks very classy on you...
  3. :tup: Great Chice! I think it looks great on you :party:
  4. The bag looks lovely on you.

    I'm interested in the Somerset Satchel -- which looks like a bigger version of the Shoulder bag. Did you see the Satchel? Any thoughts on it?
  5. v cute bag!!
  6. It looks great on you!
  7. Sorry for the late answer, TropicalGal. I tried on the satchel, and sizewise it is between the shoulder and the hobo. The size is great - but it is a flap-bag, and only produced in oak, chocolat (and also khaki, I think) so I went with the shoulder since I wanted a black bag and preferred a non-flap style this time. The satchel has an adjustable strap, which is very good - it would make a really good every-day bag, imo.