My NEW etoupe etoupe Birkin w/ GH!!!!!! ARRIVED!

  1. :yahoo:I am sooo excited!! my order from the July podium arrived today...i am completely in love with the clemance leather!! and this color is so nice! She is a 35cm:heart:
    etoupe1.jpg etoupe2.jpg
  2. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!!

    What a beautiful, soft, elegant color! I've always loved this color since I first saw it. Congrats! I'm so thrilled for you! Have you taken her out yet?
  3. I love the gold hardware too. It brings out the warmth in the tone. Great choice!
  4. luxchic - it's gorgeous! and you have the gold hardware - i just got mine in veau swift with PH and i must say it matches with everything! pls. see signature below!
  5. Gorgeous bag.
  6. Oh my god, she is just perfect!! Congrats!!!
  7. gorgeous!!!!!! congrats, shes a beauty!!!
  8. WoW!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats & Enjoy!
  9. I llllllllllllllllllllllllllove it!
  10. love etoupe!! your new birkin is very lovely, congrats!!!
  11. Thank you!!! Haven't taken her out yet...tomorrow is HER day:yes: Patz: I am also excited about this color because it goes with EVERYTHING! I think raisen does too....but maybe not as much.... With the etoupe I can wear just about any color and it will look nice. I am going through a "gold" phase so the timing is great.
  12. Congratulations it is beautiful.
  13. It's muy muy bien!!!! Gorgeous!
  14. Beautiful bag.. and she looks so soft!!
  15. i LOVE the colour!
    so elegant...and i think it goes with loads of things...
    and clemence is just so soft, isn't it!