My New(est) Mandy - the unveiling!

  1. Got my second Mandy (this week!)... :yahoo:Here's the unveiling... followed promptly by me posting more of my bags on eBay (to help fund my crazed Mandy purchases!):crybaby:
    027.JPG 028.JPG 030.JPG 031.JPG
  2. wow.. beautiful bag!!! Is that the natural??
  3. Yep!
  4. Gorgeous!!!!! I Love The Color!!!!! Enjoy!
  5. wow.. beautiful!! I just ordered an ali in natural, I can't wait to get it!! I love that color!! :tup:
  6. That Mandy is a stunning bag! Enjoy her! Congrats!
  7. What is the color of the first Mandy? I LOVE that style!!!!!
  8. That is one sexy piece of leather!!! Love the color....congrats!!
  9. Beautiful mandy!! i want one so bad!!
  10. Black Leather
  11. LOOOOVE your new Mandy!:heart:

    I need to get a leather signature Mandy is lonely!:lol:

    Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  12. that looks so amazing on you!
  13. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice! :drool:
  14. That bag looks GREAT on you!

    Gee, all of you ladies with your Mandy's are making me want one bad.
  15. Beautiful bag - looks great on you!