My New Espresso Sienna

  1. My new Espresso Sienna arrived yesterday and I finally see why Sienna lovers, love Sienna! It's soooo easy to use and carry. Not too heavy, holds just the right amount and it's easy to organize and find what you need.

    My only problem is . . . I paid $300 for a gently used bag that is more USED than expected. The inside is clean, but the leather is scuffed and the color has worn off some in places. I used some mink oil on it today and it looks better, more even in color and less scuffed but it changed the feel of the leather. I plan to get some Wilson's if I ever get a chance to get out and buy it to try that. Hope it helps.

    I Just LOVE KOOBA.
  2. Ohh...I love my espresso Sienna! I'm sorry you were a tiny bit disappointed in her condition though.
    Unfortunately from what I remember, Wilsons hasn't been selling their protector...:sad:
  3. Congratulations on that Sienna!!!

    Used bags can be tricky, you never really know exactly what condition they'll turn up in, photos are often deceiving...but good luck cleaning her up, glad you love the style, I'm a big fan of this bag!:heart:
  4. I happen to love all the wear my Sienna has gotten. Makes it look even nicer IMO.
  5. Teresa, congratulations on getting such a highly coveted bag. The espresso is a gorgeous color and really suits the Sienna. Would love to see pics.