My new Escapade *PICS*

  1. Here it is! SGH Escapade in steel. The # is:
    2007 3 182075 D941N 557. The price is $2195.

    It measures 19"W X 15.5"H X 8.5"D(at bottom,3"at top).

    I took the pics last night with the flash on, modelling pics coming soon!

    Thank you!:smile:
    IMG_5924.jpg IMG_5922.jpg IMG_5925.jpg
  2. Very pretty!
  3. wow that looks huge!! can't wait to see modeling pics.
  4. I like..I like..:p Looks like a large shoulder bag...kinda reminds me of a Giant version of a bowler. cOngrats! Cant wait to see pics too!
  5. Thank you Wowo0205, fayden,oogiewoogie! I will post modelling pics as soon as possible,I don't have camara right now, DH has to use it these days.:shrugs:
  6. My goodness - that is breathtakingly handsome!
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. But you don't know whether I prefer 'pretty' to 'handsome' do you?

    I might just happen to be a person who thinks that calling something 'pretty' is rather like saying it is 'nice' - damning it with faint praise so as to speak.

    I am happy to add 'cool' and 'glamorous!!' for this bag. I might even add 'fantastic!!!' but want to see you holding / wearing it.

    Please submit more evidence.

    PS - If you aspire to be like the powerful and glamorous John Galliano woman at the bottom of your posting, I think that this may well be the bag for you!?! I think that she was actually the reason for me saying 'handsome' as I immediately pictured you as her and with the bag.
  9. Do you ladies think it's a little bit too "manly"? I still can't decide I should keep it or not. I'd better post some modelling pics 1st then you can see.:rolleyes:
  10. Wow!! It's big but it's also beautiful. So it seems to be maybe an inch less wide and a couple of inches taller than a WE. Both this and the new RTT are large bags that have a more purse-like than briefcase like look. I can't wait to see the modeling pics. How many cute doggies can it hold????
  11. [​IMG]
    Wow - that is very chic!!! Can't wait to see it on you too! Congrats!!!
  12. I think it's a STUNNING bag!!
  13. aha you are so quick!:nuts: I understand what you mean so I erased it but didn't know you would come back so soon,lol. Thank you though, actually I can be handsome sometimes really, hehe. I love John Galliano's design!;) Thank you again for your honest compliments!!
  14. Wow! I love it! Please model it so we can see how long the handles are. Does it fit over your shoulder?

    No.. I don't think it's "manly" at all... :amuse:
  15. oh so pretty, congrats!! :biggrin: