My New Epi Speedy...keep or sell?

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  1. :yahoo:YIPEEEE!!......I am so happy when My Yellow Epi Speedy arrived at my office today!! Love it so much....but there is a white epi speedy up on ebay which I absolutely love as well......very tempting to get the white one and sell the yellow......but then I love the yellow as well......its a dilemma!!
  2. u mean the vanilla one? i've never been a fan of the yellow one...i LOVE the vanilla one though
  3. yup...I meant the vanilla speedy :shame:
  4. Get them both!
  5. I prefer Vanilla!
    Yellow is gorgeous, though!
    Yep, get both of them!
  6. another vote for getting both..

    why dont u get both, we cant ever have enough speedies. can we?! :Push:
  7. I say no, never enough or too much Speedies :lol:
  8. I'll say get the Vanilla as well...;)
  9. Yellow speedy is hard to find now, so you should keep it and also get the vanilla one.
  10. Oh, it's a toughie, this one...both are discontinued colors and if both are in great shape and u have a bit of spare cash, then both! U'll probably miss ur yellow one if u have to give her up so soon after getting her just so that u can get the vanilla one...btw, did u put up pix of ur yellow speedy? Pix please if u haven't and congratulations!
  11. I prefer vanilla but if you love both, then get both! :yes:
  12. Aaaahhh... Vanilla..... aaahhhh.... I want it I want it!!!
  13. The vanilla's a little more versatile, but if you like both, get both!
  14. I thinks so too :yes:
  15. i'll definitely get the vanilla over the yellow. somehow, i think the yellow is not as versatile as vanilla.