My new Epi Speedy in Myrtille!

  1. Today, it finally came. It´s even more gorgeous than I anticipated:love: The colour is subtle and just plain gorgeous. Tiny smudges on the inside, I couldn´t care less, you can´t even see them unless you use a flash. Some pics of my new baby for you to enjoy:flowers: I think I´ll call her Myra :love:.
    Kuva556.jpg Kuva557.jpg Kuva559.jpg Kuva561.jpg Kuva562.jpg
  2. Some more..
    Kuva574.jpg Kuva577.jpg
  3. How gorgeous is that blue? Loving it! Congratulations, and wear it in good health!
  4. Ooooohhh! Most Gorgeous!:love:
  5. Absolutely stunning. Congrats!
  6. I love it!!! love it!!! Gorgeous Nola, Congrats!!!! Myra is pretty name!!!
  7. She is beautiful, that color is just so gorgeous. I love it!!!!!! congrats
  8. So cute the color! Where did you buy it? :confused1:
    In Europe speedies are available now only in black, red and the 25 also in cannelle.

  9. Thank you girls! Can´t wait to take her out! I love the fact that epi is so durable, I don´t have to watch out as much as with the vernis bags.

  10. From a Finnish seller who bought it from Rebeccalou28 in July.
  11. dble post
    Congratulations!! it is lovely.
  12. :yes: Epi is wonderful, & that is a great blue. Congratulations!! it is lovely.
  13. Oh, thats beautiful. What size is it? I love the color!!
  14. Congrats Nola, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  15. Very pretty Nola!! Congrats and enjoy it!!