My New Epi Mandarin Wallet!!!

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    They had NO PTIs available ANYWHERE in Canada, so I chose this one. Tresor would have been my next choice (they didn't have it either) but the SA said it doesn't have any space for CCs. I am really happy with the one I chose though! It's not too big and not too small. I:heart:EPI!!!
  2. Love that color.
  3. Very nice.
  4. OOOHHHH!!!! Very pretty!!! I love it! Wow, that was fast!!!
  5. very pretty, it looks so cute next to your speedy! :heart:
  6. Love it! Did you get something at Chanel too?
  7. YES!!! Cambon flats!!!:love:
  8. Irene, your wallet & bag look beautiful together! Congratulations! Let's see the shoes.
  9. OOh, very pretty!! Congrats on your purchase!
  10. Love the set. Congrats!
  11. gorgeous!!! mandarin is so pretty :heart:
  12. Thank you SO MUCH, everyone!!!:love:
    Here are the flats:
  13. Ooooh, I love both! :heart: That mandarin Epi wallet is so gorgeous, the perfect companion to your Speedy :smile:
  14. Beautiful! You have such a fabulous collection!
  15. Wow that's such a beautiful color, it will cheer you up just looking at it, and those chanel flats are TDF