My new Epi Mandarin Speedy 25 is here!

  1. Oh my goodness, I am in lovelovelove. I finally got to go to Tysons LV to pick up my bag today, and it's just so wonderful. The nice SA let me examine it before she packed it up to go, and I did make a point of smelling it up close. It had no bad smell at that time BUT after sitting in the packaging in my car trunk in the heat for several hours, when I got it home and out in the open, it did not smell very nice. So it looks like a day outside with some baking soda inside is going to be in this bag's very near future!

    And although I know many people would never use a shoulder strap on a Speedy, I did go ahead and buy the Epi Mandarin strap on ELux this afternoon (no tax and 3% back from ******! yay). I've been using the shoulder strap for my monogram Speedy 25 for a few years now, and I find it very handy when I need to have my hands free. I was just worried that if I waited until I was really sure, the strap would already be gone.

    Oh and for northernVA girls, the Tysons LV store still has the pochette and various wallets in Epi Mandarin. They had them out on display, so you know they have at least one. :amuse:
  2. congrats! i love my epi mandarin too.
  3. Congrat's .. Cant wait to see pic's/posing with your new bag..
  4. lol you even sniffed it! congrats on the new bag! :amuse:
  5. Well, everyone here had been talking recently about the Epi Mandarin smelling like cat pee, so I just wanted to find out if it was a problem right off. I was glad to find out that it only smells a bit off when it gets warm in an enclosed space. Others here swear by the baking soda and outdoor time, so I'm confident I can get rid of it w/o any problem.
  6. Watch out for the hardware rusting!!! Thats how i lost my baby speedy :sad:
  7. Congratulations! Mandarin is such a pretty color!
  8. congrats! pose some pics w ur new 'baby'!! :smile:
  9. congrats! love the mandarin!
  10. lucky girl. congrats and enjoy! i hope to get a mandarin speedy one day. if i ever find one.
  11. congrats! mandarin is my favourite colour
    i'd buy it too if i had more money :sad:
  12. When I put out the call on Saturday, the Tysons LV said that there was one in Richmond VA and one in Chevy Chase MD. I got the one from Richmond, so the other one might still be available. If you're still interested, you should get the phone number off the LV site and give them a call! Good luck!
  13. hey thanks! it's 6:30pm here so i guess i'll call tomorrow because they're probably already closed. i'm really hoping they have one. i really want to get it before summer. thanks again for the tip.
  14. My pleasure. I hope you can get it!
  15. Congrats!!!