My New Epi Love

  1. Hey everyone i really love my new Epi Pochette Sellier Dragonne it really suits me well maby tonight ill take some modeling pics. This is my first let-trade purchace and will not be my last. It s soo kewl.

    Sorry The pics suck this camers is shi*&
    222 302.jpg 222 303.jpg 222 304.jpg 222 305.jpg
  2. Great Find

    Don't forget to model...
  3. Congratulations.
  4. omigod, its so hot! love the black epi. louis doesn't do enough black! are you using it as a purse ? i love it!
  5. congratzz:yahoo:
  6. Black epi is so timeless.

    I just love my red epi - welcome to the epi love club!
  7. Congrats! Love it!
  8. Gorgeous! LT has great stuff, & you found a treasure.
  9. Love Epi!!!! Beautiful!!!
  10. Great purchase :smile: enjoy!

    Is your damier bag a 30 ?
  11. Congrats! I :heart: Let-trade!
  12. Congrats! Hooray for let-trade!
  13. Great looking bag!! Congrats and enjoy it!
  14. its a keepall 50 lol
  15. Mike- LOVE your new epi!! So classic, yet so modern!! I am a fellow epi lover:p Congrats!