My new Epi Grenade purse arrived today!!! PICS!

  1. I was waitlisted for this bag since finding out about it on this forum but still wasn't sure how it looked IRL. When the bag finally came in, my SA said it suited me to a tee since she knows I like any kind of pink pochette-sized bag and the Grenade is more pink than it is purple. I stayed home all day patiently waiting for the fedex package to arrive today and the wait was all worth it. I absolutely love my new montaigne clutch. Its so roomy and fits my blackberry, 3 lipglosses and my perforated compact zippe. :love::love::heart::heart: THANKS FOR LETTING ME SHARE!

  2. Lovely!! Congrats!
    any modeling pics?
  3. Gorgeous!! Congrats!

    I love your wallet too!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
  5. L:heart:ve that colour!
    Congrats - it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see this colour IRL.
  6. aw, it's beautiful! congrats!
  7. Stunning bag, congrats ! :yes:

    I love your pink themed accessories as well !
  8. Congrats! Such a refreshing colour to brighten up our harsh Winter!
  9. Beautiful! We will be purse twins as soon as mine gets here!:yes:

  10. the montaigne clutch is gorgeous and perfect for spring; thank you for sharing!
  11. Gorgeous color!!! Love it! Congrats!
  12. Sorry Lovelove I don't have any modelling pics. I live alone and I tried taking some by myself but they didn't turn out. Everytime I tried I got a picture of my armpit instead lol

    Jbcesq, you will love the color IRL!!

    Thanks Ayla. I love all things pink!! Here is a group pic of all the pink LVs:

  13. congrats! and loving your pink LV collection there! :tup:
  14. Lovely! Congrats!
  15. I LOVE ITTTTTTT!!! how long did u had to waitlist for?? its GORGEOUS!!