My new engagement ring!!!!!!!!!

  1. Here are pics of my new ring. This was originally posted in relationships but someone requested I post in this forum. Enjoy!!
    2.1CT stone, white gold band with .70ct around:heart::heart::heart:
    IMGP3722.JPG IMGP3724.JPG IMGP3726.JPG
  2. how beautiful! congrats :smile:
  3. ohhh....please post modeling pics! Let's see that ring on your finger!
  4. congrats on the engagement and lovely ring as well.
  5. :love:
  6. gorgeous! congrats!!!
  7. It is superb. I love how it is so exposed re. the side view!!! You can only do that with a very clean diamond!!!

    As an owner of a jewellery business I just want to put it out there that although diamonds are the hardest gem they can still crack and chip, especially around the weak points if unprotected. Insurance is vital in these cases!
  8. :drool:
  9. Gorgeous ring!!!
  10. Beautiful!!!
  11. Stunning! Congrats!
  12. Congratulations! Enjoy your engagement!
  13. Congratulations! It's beautiful.
  14. congrats! :flowers:
  15. It's very unique and pretty, congrats!