My new enamel pendant watch from the BF. :)

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  1. So my birthday is coming up and my bf surprised me with this super CUTE pendant/watch! Now, I have a quick question...which side do I wear facing up? The watch or the enamel white side? :confused1:


  2. ack cute, I would alternate
  3. I would alternate as well.... or if you're not too flashy with the name brand, wear it watch side up. I think people with think that it's very unique when they see a watch as a pendant.
  4. Yep, I'd definitely wear both sides! It's so cute!
  5. Oh I just love the watch side! so pretty
  6. Aww that's so sweet of your boyfriend!

    (on a side note, the other day, I'm looking at a bag online, and my jaw dropped when he said 'is that a Marc Jacobs?' I was like OMGHOWDIDYOUKNOW!!!!????')
  7. ^ they learn quickly. in a few weeks, you'll have him referring to each bag by their official names!

    the watch necklace is cute! i love how it looks like a little stopwatch.
  8. Adorable!

    You know what, the necklace will probably twist around when you wear it, so you would be inadvertently wearing it both ways anyway!
  9. Soooooooooooo cute!:tup:
  10. Really cute!!
  11. What a cute present! Your BF has great taste. I can definitely wear this both sides, though I kind of like the Marc by Marc side better than the watch.
  12. OOH!!!! Love that!!!! Yeah I woild wear it both ways.....depending on what I was wearing..Congrats!!!
  13. Same here. I have a tendency to go for the marc by marc side...but was wondering if that would be odd? YAY! guess it's not!
  14. You are all so sweet! :smile: My students told me today..."cute watch! now you know what time it is when we go out to PE!" haha~
  15. HAHA..yeah, my BF thinks the LV Damier Azur speedy 30 is the most AWESOME bag. I think he wants to get it for me so that he can look at it (I'm not arguing:roflmfao:). Over time, I think our guys realize that they should care if they're gonna feed to our expensive obsessions! ;)