My new employer gives COACH for reaching sales goals!!!

  1. If this isn't incentive to work my butt off to reach my sales goals I don't know what is!!

    I just got hired by a very well known, leading company as a part time Beauty Advisor/Makeup Artist and they give Coach gifts (as well as other things) when you reach the various sales goals. I am SO stoked!

  2. Congrats on getting the great job!
  3. That is really cool!!! Now that is motivation! Plus it saves you having to take your money to the coach store and spend it. ;)
  4. At my last job we could earn points on various things and then go on a rewards website and pick products. Coach was offered as one but the point total was ridiculous. It was pretty cool though.
  5. Wow! I'm in the wrong line of work!
  6. Um I think I need to work where you work!:drool:
  7. They also give Tiffany jewellery!!

    I am going to sell my little heart out.
  8. I so agree! Are they hiring?
  9. Sweet!!
  10. Is the stuff authentic?
  11. Wow! Congrats on your new job!
  12. Very cool, if they had incentives like that when I worked at the bank I would have meet my goals.
  13. My employer has a program which does this as well. The items are authentic, but are limited as far as style and color and they are a season or two old (quite a few are soho's for example). But so what? -- it's Coach!

    But get this -- I just found out last week that my 1st & 2nd quarter sales will allow me to get either two - three smaller items (mini skinny, wristlet, key fob) or one large item (sig stripe reversible tote, medium soft duffle, large hamptons carryall)!! Whoo hoo!! Can't pick them out until the yr is up though....

    What a great incentive! They sure know what drives us! We can also get Dooney or Kate Spade items, among many many other things, those are just in the handbag section.
  14. Go Sell, Sell, Sell!!!
  15. :idea:
    This sounds awesome - any chance we can help you get to your goal? Meaning, is this a product line that we can order from YOU (via phone orders and such)? How fabulous would that be: we get our beauty products, and give a fab tPFer our support and a steps closer to a Coach bag?