My New Emilio Pucci Bag!!!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,:idea:

    This is my first day on this site. Im excited to find a place where I can share my love of handbags. I just purchased a beautiful Pucci bag it has some of the most beautiful colors I have seen him do.:love: I had to share. My boyfriend who knows nothing of fashion informed me that I bought a bag that can't be carried with everything because of the print. i laughed at him and said not true but now im thinking hmmmmm is this true??? Thought's please????
  2. i think that those bags can be carried weel over jeans and over a more classic look. obviously you cannot wear them when you are already wearing a very colourful outfit!
    so, good choice, ilike emilio pucci!
  3. as long as you're wearing a basic color like black or white or a color that appears in the bag, wear it with pride!
  4. You'll have to post pics! I really like pucci bags, but I'm wary of the uncoated'll have to let us know how it is!
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