My new Emerald City bag (and three of my girls!)

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  1. This is the first time I've tried to post pictures, so I hope it works!

    I got my new Emerald City bag this week, and my husband agreed to take pictures of me with it. Three of our dogs insisted on being in the picture! Here is one of the bag, and another of Tekarra, Bella-Luna, Willow and I with the new bag!

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  2. What a beautiful bag! You look fabulous with it...and your kids are adorable! My kids insisted on having a pic outside when I was photographing bags yesterday, so I completely understand! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  3. Beautiful bag! You and your children are so cute together :amuse: :nuts:
  4. Gorgeous bag!!! I want it in that color!! May I ask where did you purchase yours??? Congrats!! enjoy your beautiful bag!
  5. The bag looks so good on you!
  6. I love how stoic Tekarra is.
    You are gorgeous btw, just like Snow White!
    I was man-handling that color this afternoon. So great.
  7. B-bags are such fun and the emerald color is gorgeous - congratulations. And.... I just LOVE your pups!! The one on your right is sitting there so nice and tall hamming it up for the camera.. so cute.
  8. it looks awesome! you look great w/ it.
  9. Fabulous darling. Just fabulous.
  10. you look so pretty and super cute! that's such a great photo of you and the bag and your babies!
  11. :love: your bag & your babies are adorable!
  12. Congrats on your new bag, snowwhite. It looks fabulous. Love your family picture; so cute.
  13. Beautiful bag! and it shows your kids couldnt agree more!
  14. Thats' a great color for you congrats !!
  15. Congrats, snowwhite! Wonderful family portrait!!