my new ediths!

  1. these are pics of my new purchases, freshly snatched from the net-a-porter sale! i'm so thrilled :smile:, the leather on the mini edith satchel is so smooshy and smells so good. the whiskey edith wallet was $174, best deal ever!!

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  2. That Was A Great Deal, Congrats!!! Your Bag Looks Gorgeous On You.....
  3. really nice! congrats!
  4. oops. here's a thumbnail of the mini edith with my whiskey wallet...
  5. very nice!!! congrats!
  6. Ooooooo....I like it! Looks great on you!
  7. Wow what a deal.Congrats!
  8. Very fast post! Great buys!
  9. ^^^ b/c net-a-porter was so fast!

    i have to rave about net-a-porter, this was my first experience with them, they were so prompt and i barely had to wait for my new purchases. but i did learn one thing: never ever pay full price for a bag! wait until sale season when you can possibly snag something for 75% off!!
  10. Wow they are adorable! Congrats!
  11. :yahoo:YAY :yahoo: bluegenes! I love your mini Edith and the wallet!!! And you're absolutely right about waiting for the sale season - I NEVER knew these prices could go so LOW!!! This forum is the BEST!!!
  12. Gorgeous. :yahoo: I have that wallet. I love it to bits. Enjoy your new purchases.
  13. The bag looks good on you, love the color!
  14. thanks, gyrllayney!! i loved your edith pics btw, so sorry you had to let them go.. but no doubt, i wouldn't have found such deals without alerts from the forum... :tup:
  15. nice bag and wallet! The bag looks like a good size!
    I was contemplating this wallet but It looked kinda it?