My New Edith From The Sale!!

  1. Ok, she just arrived today and she is soooo pretty! Here is my new Whiskey Edith from NM. I just happened to check the Chloe section the other day and she was out there, so I grabbed her! I am so glad I did. The leather is to die for! Forgive the photo, it is from my Blackberry.

  2. Its a great photo! Love the bag!!!
  3. It still looks great!
  4. Congratulations! She's beautiful :tup:
  5. gorgeous!!:nuts:
  6. Congrats, be prepared for lots of compliments. Every time I take my whiskey Edith out, she gets lots of attention and compliments. BEAUTIFUL BAG!! YOU DID GOOD!!
  7. Congrats!! I'm wishing I took advangtage of the Edith deals... Love the color. Just saw a women carrying this yesterday when I was out running and I had to stare both times I passed her!
  8. Congrats!!
    Is it medium or a large sized one? :smile:
  9. Congrats!!
  10. The the leather on the bag really is soo soft & TDF-enjoy!
  11. congratulations :biggrin:
  12. What a gorgeous bag--congrats!!!
  13. Beautiful bag. Congrats & enjoy!
  14. Beautiful bag & color. Congrats. =)
  15. Thats totally gorgeous! I love it! :smile: