My new Edith and Tracy bags! Need opinions on irregular leather, please.

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  1. Howdy,

    You all were so helpful in my finding a Tracy bag (Neiman Marcus Last Call). I got my bags today and I love my Tracy! The Edith is beautiful, too, but I'm not sure if the leather's too irregular. These are my first Chloe bags (my first bags over $40, actually!), so I don't know, but it looks a bit "off." Not tooo bad, what do you all think? I don't wanna go through all the trouble of returning it and trying to find another mastic and hoping that one's better, but on the other hand I did pay $500 for it. Thanks!!

    Here's to hoping the picture attachments worked.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I'm so digging your Mastic Edith. I'm sorry??? What's wrong with it? Looks pretty divine to me? What do you mean my irregular? The color? The adorable folds in the leather?
  5. Oh the Tracy is sumptuous as well. One of my favorite color combinations. Congratulations on your great finds! :yes:
  6. Is that the way it's supposed to look? lol, that's why I'm asking you ladies who know your stuff. The color looks a little inconsistent to me, like bluish in spots.
  7. is it just me or are there no more pics now?awww...i wanna see your new bags!!!:nuts:congrats!
  8. Congrats on your beautiful bags!!:tup:
    From the pics, yours looks just like mine. I bought mine from NMLC also, and it looks pretty identical. This is my third Edith satchel, I have a whiskey, black and now mastic, and the leather is different on each one. The whiskey is older, so the leather is heavier and stiffer, the black is thick but more flexible than the whiskey, and the mastic is very flexible and a little bit lighter in weight. I think it just depends on the hide that was used. Also, the leather is distressed, so it will vary from bag to bag.
    This is the only style I have purchased triplicates in other than MJ Venetia. The funny thing is I didn't care for it at all in the beginning, and now I'm loving this style----go figure.
  9. Hummmm? I wonder if you got some color transfer from jeans? People at the store trying on the bag and it picked up some dye? Is that what you see? From your pictures the bag really looks fine? Gee I want it to work for you because this Edith really is a terrific buy.
  10. It looks pretty normal to me in terms of leather. I don't have a mastic so not sure about the blue in the color. I agree with susieserb, maybe someone's jeans rubbed off on the bag. Can you post a pic of the "blue" you are talking about?
  11. I can see the blue-ish / gray-ish tint in the first picture, on the bottom right and left sides. But I've decided I'm keeping it! I think it's maybe the natural gray undertone and I'm being super cautious 'cause it's my first. Thanks!
  12. congrats on your bags...LOVE LOVE LOVE the tracy....
  13. I have that same Tracy and I love it. Good choice!

    My Black Edith has a ton of inconsistencies in the leather - it's smoother in some spots and wrinklier in others. I think it adds character to the bag. Distressed leather sometimes has variations like this. Yours looks beautiful!
  14. I just got a Mastic Edith too! It's TDF! I also just got a chocolate one too. They are both different. The handles on the mastic are "softer" and the leather is a little softer too. They're both beautiful. I thought I might send one back, but I can't seem to part with either.

    What color combo is that Tracy? Is it the large? I've never seen one in person. It's really nice!

    Congratulations, they're both beautiful. Enjoy!
  15. :smile: You should keep them both.

    The Tracy is black/vert gris. There may be a bigger one; there's definitely a smaller one. It's not much bigger than the Edith. I saw it at Saks last summer and fell in love. :heart: