My new ebay finds!!

  1. Here's my new bags!! I love them!!! (And the duffle i've been carrying for a few weeks..and still love it to pieces)


  2. Congrats- you were really busy shopping!
  3. Yep...but that lil' ergo I ADORE!!! I think i might take it to bed with me tonight :yahoo:
  4. Congrats! Great stuff you got there. I just bought an ergo myself off of eBay. Mine is the doe color, just like the one you have. Should arrive sometime this week.
  5. Congrats! great stuff.
  6. Cute and congrats! I really love that ergo!
  7. Oh where? Don't you love eBay!!!
  8. I love that ergo...I carried it last night and got soooo many compliments on it. It fits so perfectly and is such a great color.

    But now I have to block myself from eBay for awhile..hehe
  9. Congrats on the stuff you got =D they look super cute!:yes:
  10. Ebay can be great sometimes but it is addicting. I love both of your new bags but wow, love the duffle the most. I adore all things blue so that is my kind of duffle!
  11. ohhh good stuff!! :smile: looks great on ya!
  12. Wow, great finds!
  13. Very nice purchases! The bag looks fab on you!