My *new* East/West Mombasa

  1. Some girls were mentioning seeing what the east/west Mombasa looks like vs. the hobo so here she is :yahoo: This is the medium size in black leather (14x7x3). I posted pics to show what it looks like on my shoulder too (I'm only five feet so keep that in mind and please disregard my yellow sweats lol). My fave part of this bag is the deer horn - mine has a slight curve to it which I just love, so elegant :P



  2. Yeah Twinklette! I am so happy for you! It's gorgeous. The Mombasa is really a YSL classic. It was their first blockbuster bag (under Tom Ford) back in 2002, and I saw an article in Bazaar or Elle in the past six months mentioning that the Mombasas are back bigtime. I love mine and I'm sure you will love yours.:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. the east/west mombasa is my favorite shape! it looks great on you!
  4. twinklette love your bag, what is the inside lining is it suede?
  5. Kaka the lining is a black twill cotton.

    Thanks so much girls!!!! I am in love with her. it holds a ton too!
  6. I LOOOOOOVE this bag. It looks great on you!
  7. That is a lovely, striking bag. I love that you are really making a style statement with it!
  8. Very pretty! Looks great on you. Congratulations.
  9. thanks twinklette :tender:
  10. looks great on you!
  11. AW thanks girls! I got so many compliments on this, even by my parents and DH lol. They think the deer horn is tres cool :smile:
  12. I love your's beautiful!!!
  13. It's so pretty! Congrats to you!