My new earring display box

  1. I'm very very very happy with my latest purchase!!! :yahoo: And what an absolute bargain too, it only cost AU$29.95

    I'm still trying to round up all my earrings because i've got them all over the place. But this is what i've managed to find so far :lol: This is just a perspex box with 3 panels that slide out and can hold 90 pairs of earrings. Now i can see exactly what i have and i don't have to worry about tangled earrings anymore.

    How about you? How do you store your earrings? Post pics if you can
    Box 1.jpg Box 2.jpg Box 3.jpg
  2. That's a very cool piece of kit, Brasilian_Babe!

    I have four (yes, four! :shame: ) perspex, miniature chests of drawers, at home, for storing some of my jewellery collection. I also have a whole drawer, of a regular chest of drawers, filled with perspex drawer dividers for most of the rest and then larger pieces like bangles and cuffs are generally stored in the ends of my (again) perspex, stackable shoe drawers (luckily, I have quite small feet, so there's room! :lol: ).

    The rest (mostly inexpensive, unsigned, silver and costume) is either scattered about and put goodness knows where (he 'can't remember' :rolleyes: ) by my BF (before I got organised!), or in another, this time wooden, miniature chest of drawers.

    Edit: I just noticed that you only asked about earrings and I told you about general jewellery storage, sorry! :shame: I could definitely do with your storage system, as it is much more space efficient! :biggrin:
  3. That's OK Chloehandbags :smile:
    It sounds like you're more organised when it comes to jewellery than i am. My stuff is all over the place. I only have about 3 small jewellery boxes plus this perspex earring organiser,, everything else i try to keep in the boxes they come in. But most times i have stuff lying around in the bathroom drawers from when i get home from a night out and take them off before hopping in the shower, or even in the laundry drawers because i'm really bad with putting jewellery in my pockets :lol: or even in the kitchen... In the main bedroom, you name it :shame:
  4. Wow, yours can hold alot of earrings. I bought something like this & mine is completely filled. I need to buy another one. Did you get yours off eBay?
  5. I really like Brasilian_Babe and daffie's earring rack!!! Where can I find something like this???
  6. I really like yours too. It's really funky.
    Yes, i ended up getting mine from Ebay :smile: but someone's just told me that the seller also has a website that you can purchase from

    My box can hold 90 pairs of earrings, but they also make another box that holds 210. :smile:
    They also ship internationally

  7. Wow! That's awesome. I could use something like that to display my earrings at shows. I don't have that many personal earrings but it would also work to store the ones I have for sale. Very cool!
  8. I want one....
    That's really nice
  9. How nice! I like how it's see through, so you can look at everything inside. I think I need one too!
  10. Great find!
  11. I found mines on eBay too but I love Brasilian_Babe's because it can hold more. 210 is a LOT of earrings! =)
  12. I love this~!!

    all my earrings are all over the place....hmm
  13. wow, that's awesome!! i think i also need one, all my earrings are so unorganized... :shame:
  14. I found a cardboard mounted picture (painting print) of Mt Fuji at a second hand store, and pierced evenly spaced holes along the bottom, and the centers of the plum blossoms (for studs) I have it hanging from a gold ribbon on my bedroom wall, and the earrings make the most beautiful fringe along the bottom! I'll post a picture later.
  15. Wow I think that I own a total of 5 pairs of earrings.
    I just always wear my diamond studs!
    But I love this display box!!!