My New E/w With New Chain!

  1. my first chanel bag! yayayayay i love it to death :yahoo: i will have more pictures later.

    i purchased it from Neiman Marcus for $1550 (not including tax).

  2. congrats! its gorgeous! did you have a hard time finding it?
  3. ahh it's too big ... i'll try and get a smaller picture up!
  4. gorgeous!

    i am making a new one because the picture is too big =/
  6. how about inside pics with how much it will hold ive been wondering plus shes GORGEOUS !
  7. Gorgeous! I love the beautiful.
  8. i will post pictures of the inside in the other thread! anyone know how to close a thread?
  9. congrats its fabulous!
  10. thanks ladies! but please IGNORE THIS THREAD. i have another one with a picture of the inside along with a smaller picture of the bag.