My new Dylan Medium Tote in Scotch Spring 2012 is HERE!!!

  1. Hmmm, I would exchange the dmt for scotch ;) But thats a great deal on the speedy!
  2. Wow - fantastic looking!
  3. The Scotch does look lovely...I'm torn between that and the black. I think that particular LP style fits you very well! Good choice :smile:

    And it seems like I really missed out; a sample LP sale huh? Shucks, and I just joined their mailing list and everything too.
  4. This was my first sample sale and I got a few great deals. Keep checking their website because they will post when the next one is. I can't wait for it! :smile:
  5. There will be another one. Not sure when but good that you joined the list. On e you get the email you can only access the sample sale through that email. I tested it out. and they do have some awesome deals!!!

    I scored a clutch and 4 bracelets from them. Sooooo loving my LP items..
    I am pretty sure I am hooked on LP. I have not found much better leather anywhere else.
  6. I am completely hooked on LP as well. Just broke down and went ahead and ordered the DMT in Scotch last night. Will have to decide if I want to send the black one back! ;)
  7. Ooohhh can't wait to hear what you think when it arrives. :smile: