My new Dylan Medium Tote in Scotch Spring 2012 is HERE!!!

  1. I haven't treated any of my LPs. I also have the DMT in Dark Olive (which I LOVE so much). It's aging VERY well!!!
  2. I don't think I did...I cannot even rmember. I did NOT treat the Iron one, though I wish I had.
  3. LOVE it!!!!
  4. Love them! You look awesome!
  5. THANKS!!! :smile: Im also glad that you like your new baby!
  6. :yahoo::tup:
  7. I keep coming back to admire your lovely pics and am totally convinced this should be my next purchase. Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  8. Sure thing! I LOOOOVE IT. Its starting to break in too, :smile:
  9. It looks great, LOVE the color!!!
  10. Thanks!!! I do too. I may treat the handles to give it a little patina.
  11. Love it!

    I am lusting after the small speedy in this color...just seems the perfect summer bag!
  12. I have the small speedy in scotch. Love love love it.
  13. I am so torn between the scotch and black Dylan medium tote. I've actually already ordered it in black (and am trying to be really patient in waiting for it to get here), but the scotch looks so pretty online. I also ordered the large Speedy in black afterwards from the sample sale. Is the scotch color lighter than what shows on the website or is it closer to Ame's pictures?
  14. I think it's pretty accurate on the site. It's a REALLY nice tan. And it ages WELL. I prefer the scotch over black bec I think it goes with more stuff...
  15. I FINALLY received my shipment today!! I got the large speedy in black and the DMT in black. I love them both!! Was thinking I would exchange the DMT in black for the scotch one but when I tried them both on, I fell in love! But I really want the DMT in Scotch now as well. Augh...dilemma.

    I got the Chevron wallet in black for $34 and the large black Speedy for $112 at the sample sale!:biggrin: