My new DVF dresses!

  1. I just ordered these two DVF dresses:


    (Both photos from

    What do you guys think about them? I love DVF dresses (non-wrap) and think both are really cute and look very comfy.
  2. i am so in love with the first dress. it has such a perfect fit too. i SO want to buy it, but can't justify buying another DVF dress after buying 4 at a sample sale :sad:
  3. I like both - especially the red one.
  4. I really LOVE the second one! Congrats!
  5. Both are beautiful. Congrats! :nuts:
  6. I like the 2nd dress! it's so pretty!
    Both are really cute
  7. Pretty!!
  8. Both are really cute! Great buys!!
  9. I love the second one!! Do you happen to have a link to where you found it?
  10. omg! love them!
  11. I love DVF dresses. I have several of the wrap styles because they are so flattering and easy to wear. I like the second dress-so cute, and great color!
  12. I love DVF dresses - they're a fabulous fit! I might get the first you you ordered - it's soo cute!! So is the second one, great choices! :smile:
  13. Love the first one! So cute! Have fun wearing them!
  14. Love em!!!
  15. I really want to buy a DVF dress. Are they worth the money fabric and cut wise?