My new Dress!!!

  1. I have yet to take pics of my other dress that I just got (actually other 3) but I just ordered this BEAUTY!!!!!!! Once I figure out Vlad's camera/find it, I will post pics of many many things!!!! What do you all think??

    Oh yea... I forgot! It is a dress by Mara Hoffman. On sale at ShopBop!! :yahoo:
  2. Very cute, but I hope the elastic in the bodice is STRONG!! :shame:
  3. Very pretty Megs!
  4. I like it =)
  5. Love the pattern very cute & sexy at the same time
  6. Very pretty! Love the pattern, very tropical! Enjoy all of your dresses!
  7. I love the little "peephole" in front LOL :shame: Very sexy! Youre going to look HOT!
  8. :lol: :lol: My thoughts, exactly!
  9. very gorgeous dress, congrats Megs!:biggrin::heart:
  10. i :heart: mara hoffman!!!!!

    That's one gorgeous dress!!!

  11. i could never wear something with a hole in the front by the chest! you are brave! lol.
  12. I can show the girls off :graucho:
  13. I love the dress as well...I also hope it holds in all the right places for you!! Its darling.
  14. Very sexy and will look hot Megs. Look out Vlad...then men will be watching your baby!!!
  15. Very sexy! Lovely dress..