My new Dolce and Gabana Booties

  1. Ok so I am in Saks Chevy Chase the last day of the sale. I stayed away on purpose in hopes that everything would be gone when I got there- so I would not spend a dime..
    There WERE NO SHOES on the rack I could find to buy that I really liked.. The SA sensing my frustration and my urge to buy something asked me did I like boots- now he must have had a feeling because I LOVE BOOTS !!!
    So he brought me a pair out from the back that were not even on display...
    Check out these DOLCE and GABANA EELSKIN , POINTY TOED 2-3 INCH HEEL BABIES.. I walked the store for 30 minutes before I bought them to ensure they'd be comfortable.. and the boots retailed over $1g's and I got them for................284.50 tax included !!!
    I love them what you guys think
    DSC00220.JPG DSC00221.JPG DSC00222.JPG DSC00223.JPG
  2. Wow they are sexy!
    Congrats! Great deal.
  3. They are very nice!
  4. Beautiful classics, enjoy!
  5. what a deal! gorgeous.
  6. HOT! And, an incredible deal!!! :smile:
  7. They r gorgeous!
  8. Those shoes are so sexy! They're even more amazing since you got such a great deal on them. I love it when I find fabulous items on sale!
  9. drop dead sexy...congrats!!
  10. Cha-Ching!!!!!!! The style may not be the IT look for the season but they are classic. In no time a front burner again. Great score.
  11. those are beautiful and what a great deal too!
  12. Hot hot hot. You really scored a deal!!
  13. Congrats!!!It's a hot!
  14. Amazing deal! Love the booties:smile:
  15. WOW, great deal. Very nice. Enjoy.