My new doggie carrier!! *PICS*

  1. So after 2 weeks I finally got my Juicy Couture doggie carrier here it is! (sorry the pics are really bad lol and my puppy kept moving:p )
    juicybag1.jpg juicybag2.jpg juicybag3.jpg juicybag4.jpg
  2. So cute!!!!
  3. Very sassy!~
  4. love it - he is so adorable! what a face!
  5. heheh very cute!!
  6. That's quite the posh little carriage!!!

    Does she like it yet?
  7. Hes getting used to it I think ...when I simply leave him in there he hates it but if hes in it and im walking around with it hes ok :smile:
  8. cute!
  9. he's so cute in there! Maybe since you got it for him young he'll get used to it. My dog hates carriers but I didn't get her one until she was much older.
  10. That's precious!
  11. Love this-[​IMG]
  12. ^ Lol hes a crazy little puppy, but I love him so much!
  13. so adorbale. I love juicy dog carriers, they are so cute. I recently purchased the juicy dog satchel, can't wait till it arrives.
  14. oh he's so adorable! esp your avatar!
  15. Sooo cute!