my new dog :)

  1. I'd like to introduce my new dog, Audrey. I adopted her from the local humane society last Saturday, and she officially came home from the vet today after being spayed.

    She was an owner surrender (the reason? "Too many pets." How could anybody just pick one of their animals and say, "Yeah, that one. Let's send that one to the shelter"?!:cursing:) Anyway! The person who brought her in said she is a chihuahua, jack russell, poodle, pug mix:wtf:, but I only see the chi and jack russell!

    She is such a little lady (that's where I got the inspiration for her name...Audrey Hepburn!). She's getting along well with the 4 month old chocolate lab puppy we adopted (my brother's dog), as well as our insanely grumpy 8 year old chi:p. I cracked up when I saw the pictures we took...from the back, Audrey and our chi look so much alike! It's like Audrey has a mini me :graucho:.

    I'm in love already! I can tell this is going to be one great dog. I know there are many threads in this section about adoptions from shelters already, but I'm going to say it again...if you're looking for a dog, stop by your local humane society first! There are some of the best dogs in the world there that are looking for homes!:wlae:

    I also attached a picture of Bailey, the chocolate lab puppy we adopted. Unfortunately, we haven't taken pictures of her yet, so I had to use her shelter mug shot!
    143_4310_r1.jpg 143_4309.JPG 143_4311.JPG 143_4312.JPG Onyx160455&Sage160452.JPG
  2. Awww, congratulations on the new member of your family.
  3. Cute!! I only see the Jack and Chi as well...still a cutie!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a sweetheart! And how wonderful of you to adopt from the Humane Society! You are a good person!
  5. Congrats on the new dog. She is so cute. I only see chi and jack russel too.
  6. Congrats on your new pal. That shelter "mug shot" bought tears to my eyes......those sad faces.:sad:
  7. Oh my what a cutie! Congrats!
  8. That shelter picture is heartbreaking! They look so sad. I saved Kizzy's shelter mugshot, too; she didn't look sad, really, but very lost and confused, and you can see such a difference in her eyes now.

    That's awesome that you adopted Audrey. Congratulations! She's lovely.
  9. Awesome! Congrats! :smile:
  10. They do look a like just one smaller/bigger!!! That is so awesome! What a wonderful happy ending and beginning!!!
  11. Congrats and what a great story! I love hearing the happy stories about shelter dogs finding good homes. My godmother is very active in our local shelter and she has 2 shelter dogs and as you mentioned, they are super loving and kind. For those who cannot adopt a pet, please consider giving your time as a volunteer, (dog walker) anything to help make a difference in the lives of these amazing animals.
  12. Congrats!!! Your new baby is precious!! I know that she is going to a have a great life with her new family!
  13. Audrey just won the lottery! Bless you for making her part of your family. She's a cutie!
  14. Congrats on your new furry baby! :smile::heart:
  15. congratz on ur new furbaby!