My New Dior Wallet, Bag And Jewellery =)

  1. i went to the gold coast last week and as there is no dior in melbourne decided to make the most of the dior in surfers paradise.
    i have to say the SA was soooo nice! after having heaps of bad experiences in luxury boutiques it was finally very very nice to enter a boutique where they dont judge you for not looking rich (but it was surfers and everyone there is in shorts and singlets so i guess they are use to people dressing down in their stores) the SA that helped me throughout the 3 days i was there hehehe was soooo nice. she knew everything i was talking about and gave me helpful suggesttions and tips for everything i bought. if it wasnt for her i dont think i would have bought so much :yes:

    the first day i was there i bought myself a lady dior bracelet and a trotter romantique heart lock ring
    *sorry the pic of the ring isnt too clear*

    the next day i came back for the dior romantique pink wallet =]

    then came back again because my bf realised how much i liked the bag and bought me the matching bag for valentines day :heart:

    hehehehe :yahoo:
  2. cute stuff! congrats!
  3. I like the cute pink bag/matching wallet!!! Congrats!! :smile:
  4. Congrats!! :wlae:
  5. OH MY! The pink Trotter Romantique is SUPER-RARE, and so adorable! Congrats on your lovely purchases!!!!
  6. I love pink color! Thanks for sharing
  7. the pink is so cute! congratz!
  8. congrats on all the lovely purchases! i think that trotter romantique lock ring is really cute. :heart:
  9. how much was the wallet?
  10. Congratulations.
  11. heheheh thanks guys =] i love the pink colour on it too.. its so girly.
    juicy_girl - the wallet was 500AUD
  12. Congratulations! Loving the jewellery, the ring is super adorable.
  13. Congrats!
  14. Love the pink!
  15. OMG! i wish i were you ;)

    i looove it

    is it a pink Dior logo or the beige colored kind?