My new Dior summer play lipgloss is broken before i even got to use it...

  1. Hey
    My mom just came back from a busisness trip from france and before she left a few days ago i kept asking about the dior summer dice lipgloss and when she came back this morning she gave me the little dior box and it was all wrapped in a plastic wrapper so i opened it straight away and when i tried to open the dice it wouldnt open fully it opened only a little bit when i tried to look in side it there was no lipgloss and it had gotted stuck on the top part:sad: . I tried to get it out but it wouldnt my mom got it from the airport in paris so and isnt going back there any time soon
    At first i thought it could have been used before but there was the plastic wrapper around it so .
    So is it okay if i took it back to any dior counter to replace it??

  2. Thats what I was thinking. Maybe if you call first and explain to them?
  3. Doesn't Sephora take back products? Even if you haven't purchased it from them, I think they allow it because all they do is send it back to the manufacturer. Just make sure they have them in store for you to swap.