My New Dior Pumps...

  1. My boyfriend got me these for xmas...i love them so...

  2. It's beautiful & is so classy! :drool: :drool: :heart:
  3. SO PRETTY AND CLASSY! Congrats!!He did well!!
  4. Thank you! :flowers:
  5. Nice one! Congrats :heart:
  6. Very cute! I love them!
  7. Stunnig pair of shoes, so SEXY :drool:
  8. Hot, how sweet of him ! :yes:
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Congrats :smile:
  11. Sexy! BTW arethey comfortable?
  12. they feel comfy but i haven't actually worn them yet...i'll let you know after new years
  13. Very classy.
  14. are they comfy?
  15. Gorgeous!!