My new Dior Gaucho wallet

  1. I thought this one deserves it's own thread!:amuse:

    I bought this beautiful wallet in paris at the lafayette galeries!!!
    I like it very much although it has a weird smell :huh: :blink:
    dior1.jpg dior2.jpg dior3.jpg dior4.jpg dior5.jpg
  2. OH...MY...GOSH.............I LOVE that wallet..Do you mind me asking how much it cost..LOVE!!!CONGRATS!
  3. thank you Jill:love:

    i bought the wallet for 330 Euro!!!!

    I really love it :heart: (i hope that smell goes away....does anyone know what that is???:hrmm: :shame: )
  4. I LOOOOOOOOVE that!!! I've only seen it in the smaller size!
    hubba hubba!
  5. Very nice!

  6. Oooh, I love:love: the wallet! There has been complaints about the smell of the gaucho bags so the smell must be from how Dior processes the leather. Good news though ... the smell goes away w/ time, just air it out as much as possible.
  7. I LOVE that wallet!!! Vlad got me an amazing Dior Wallet for x-mas, but this one is to die for! :love:
  8. Is there a large wallet that matches the romantique line?
  9. What a great wallet! Congrats!
  10. :yes: I have my eye on this one ...
  11. Love the wallet!! The smell definitely goes away with time.
  12. Thanks girls! I am glad to hear that the smell will go away!!!

    Kat, that wallet is beautiful! I think i saw it in the store but i wanted s lesther wallet!

    ohhh...and i loved the gaucho wallet in jeans:love:

    Megs post pics of your wallet pleeeeeease !!!;) :amuse:
  13. wonderful wallet!!!!don't worry, the smell will fastly go away and IMO depends on the treatment the leather had...
    jill, love the romantique line!!

  14. wow that is one yummy wallet. Congrats, its gorgeous :smile:
  15. VERY pretty :love:
    I'm also looking for a new wallet... but can't find one. Maybe I should plan a trip to Paris, too. :amuse: