My new DIOR Gaucho Tote

  1. I bought from Dior boutique the new Gaucho tote in black and I wanted to share some pics with you !! :P :heart: :yahoo:
    I wasn't sure which color to choose but I fell in love with the black. :tender: There were about five in red, 2 blue and 2 in dark green but I just bought a new Balenciaga bag in grenat and the blue wasn't for me(althought the dark green was really nice)

    Sorry, pictures are not very good and they don't do justice to the bag.
    Enjoy them !!
    gaucho 005.jpg gaucho 007.jpg gaucho 008.jpg gaucho 009.jpg
  2. very cute!!! love it!
  3. I love it in black! Congrats to you!
  4. The Gaucho tote is an awesome looking bag. I think the black is great looking on it too. Congratulations :yahoo: to you and thank you for sharing your pics with us (it would be great to see a pic with you actually wearing it too if you ever get a chance to post one!).
  5. thank you Zzuliyta, kat and goldensx5 ;) :heart: .

    I will soon post some pictures wearing it.:shame:

    PS goldensx5 can I tell you once again how much I love your bags collection? :wtf: :heart: :nuts:
  6. You're too sweet :flowers: . Thank you! I've been contemplating a Dior Gaucho medium in the khaki color for a few months now and the pics of your new tote may just have thrown me 'over the Gaucho edge'!! :nuts:
  7. Gorgeous bag!! LOVE the gaucho tote!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  8. pretty! i love the gaucho totes. enjoy!
  9. very pretty, congrats!
  10. congrats, plenty of room to put all your things in
  11. Its GORGEOUS! I'm going to look for the dark green one today. Thanks for posting pics. You have inspired me. ;)
  12. Love Your Bag, My Daughter Has It In Red And Loves It Too. Congrads.
  13. very nice! congrats
  14. Congrats! Love how big it is!
  15. Great purchase. I love the gaucho.