my new dior gaucho pumps from NM sale!

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  1. gold colored gaucho pumps from sale...had them overnighted LOL they are more crinkled gold in real life....look amazing on, make my feet look teeny tiny!

  2. WOW!!! They're amazing! Can you post more pictures of you in them for us?
  3. gorgeous!!! if you don't mind how much did you get them for?
  4. I will take them in the AM for you...its dark here..need better light.

    they were 347$ before tax originally 495$
    they are gorgeous, the pic is icky LOL

    they match the gold med gaucho perfectly..

    Oh and nordstroms sacramento is having an amazing sale on jimmy choo.....
    better prices then NM and saks.....going like hotcakes
  5. Cute! That gold is such a soft, pretty color :heart:
  6. how lovely!congrats:nuts:
  7. Wow-those are gorgeous!
  8. I love those!!
  9. Those are very pretty! Congrats!
  10. Wow, those are great! Did you happen to notice if they had any of the goucho flats on sale? I've been dying for a pair :graucho:
  11. wow those are awesome!!
  12. No, they didnt!!!
    I wish, but you might want to double check the dior boutiques, there public sales started TODAY!
  13. You own the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen.
  14. Hot hot hot! I have the ballet flats, but I'd looooove a pair of pumps-especially in that color!

    Awesome purchase!
  15. Gorgeous! I love it!!