My new dior bag (pics)

  1. Hi Everyone:biggrin:

    Ok so i finally got my dior gambler bag ..... after a month due to it being in customs where it seemd to have got a bit squashed :rant:... it does not really look that bad IRL but the camera seems to really show it :shame:

    I have padded it out only had it for 2 hours and hopefully all will be fine.

    I have had the wallet for ages and love it ..... and this is my third Dior item ... I am not sure what to think to be honest... I am so used to LV that Dior just seems more plastic looking and does not really look that expensive.

    I have taken some pics of my new bag .. which I am currently undecided over. .. its nice to have a change from LV but I suppose the quality of Dior just does not seem up to scratch .. is that just me or doo other people feel the same.

    So .... tell me your opinions please !!!!!!!


  2. OMG I love that bag! I remember there was a thread talking about it when I first joined the forum and I thought it was the most adorable thing. Congratulations, shes beautiful and what a great wallet :heart:
  3. Great piece... it's beautiful!!!!
  4. congrats! it's beautiful!!!
  5. Congrats, the bag and wallet are beautiful. As for the quality of Dior, I have a black Street Chic satchel and medium gaucho, I think they are both beautifully made. I don't think that workmanship on Dior bags has gone down at all from my experiences anyway.
  6. I am more of an LV person. However, CONGRATS on the new bag!
  7. Kimmy, the shape of the bag is adorable and the silver chain and accents make the bag look even better!
  8. kimmy - i totally LOVE the big DICE!!!! its such a cute bag AND wallet!!! congrats!!!
  9. Congratulations, it's gorgeous! This is one of those bags that you'll have forever. If you get tired of the dice, you can remove them, and then it's a great basic black bag!
  10. I like it, very classy looking!
  11. It's so nice! I like Dior...very classy.
  12. Congrats. It's beautiful and for me it's the other way around: LV looks more like cheap plastic to me (mono,some damier) than this Dior. It's definetl a keeper IMO.
  13. Very cute! I only have 1 Dior bag and the quality seems fine to me.
  14. What a cute classy bag! Congrats!!
  15. I think it's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy it!!!!