My new dilemma...

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  1. Ack... LV is gonna get tired of seeing me... :sweatdrop:

    Ok, so you all know that I bought a black Epi 6 Card holder on Wednesday, but exchanged it on Friday because the previous one had a scratch on it? Well there was a lengthy line and the SA just said not to worry about standing in line, so he just exchanged the wallet without putting it in the system.

    So on with the dilemma: I was planning on using my wallet tomorrow. So I was putting in a few cards in the slots, but had a little trouble sliding them in there... maybe I just need to use it a little more? Anyway... it's getting to me how the wallet won't close... it just stays open as if a lot of money is in there when it's open... With my Monogram Canvas Pte. Billets Cartes Bleue, it does close, even when there's money inside... so I want to exchange it for this braided leather bracelet I saw in the store and on the main LV site that retails for $330, according to a catalogue. but I don't want the SA's to think that I'm the guy "who always exchanges things"... :sad:

    A friend of mine suggested that I should just sit on it, but then with cards inserted in the slots and money inside the compartment, creases would show up in no time. [I always stick my wallet in my left pocket to save it from getting creases.]

    Sorry for the rant... but this is the only place where I can get different opinions/views and great advice. :hrmm:
  2. Lol. Well if you use it more it'll soften up just a little. The mono canvas billfold kind of does the same thing.
    But if you really don't want to use it like that, then get the bracelet. You definitely use those more, from what I've seen. :yes:
  3. Current wallet with no bills inside:


    Current wallet with bills inside:


    New Epi wallet with no bills inside:


    New Epi wallet with bills inside:

  4. Stock picture of Braided Bracelet from


    Picture of bracelet on a model from the Men's F/W '06-'07 Catalogue:


    Close-up picture of bracelet on model:

  5. hmm... I think I agree with LVbabydoll... it should soften up after a bit of use... but then if you really do worry so much about creases then exchange it for the bracelet... I dont think there's anything wrong with exchanging things, you've only done it once (right?)... you do have a right to exchange if it's not right after all... if you exchanged it first time because of a scratch, not coz you changed your mind... anyway, a good SA should not label their customers as "the guy/woman who always exchanges things"....

    I'd say exchange it if you dont feel right about the wallet not sitting flat... or getting creases after time...

    hope I'm of help.... keep us posted! ;)
  6. Hmm...I think i like the bracelet better:P :yes:
  7. I love the bracelet - very classy!
  8. i LVOE the bracelet

    may be go and change when your SA isn't there?!?!
  9. John, it's normal the epi line is less souple than the mono canvas line, with time (I talking about maybe 2 days) it will close just like the mono one that you have.
  10. I know the problem have too much money! ;)
  11. HA HA HA.... I WISH!!! :roflmfao:

    Thanks for all the input everyone. :smile:

    Miroir Princess: Hmm... I'll use it today and tomorrow to see if there's a change... argh. Maybe I should sleep on it too. :P
  12. On a more serious note, John, I know how you feel about returning things. I feel that way too. I usually feel guilty for some reason. But you are spending SO much money and you should be 100% happy. I say if you're on the fence about keeping it..then you may want to return it.
  13. i didnt read everyones but its because its leather and not canvas, it will flatten out.

    And Rebecca says I always return things? PLEASE!!!! Lol!!!

    any ways, keep the wallet, the bracelet is $345 I think on eLUXURY
  14. i like this bracelet, saw it when i was in the champs elysee store.

  15. i would exchange for a new wallet, HAHAH.