my new dilemma!!!!

  1. My dear sis called me this morning, and said my white 30cm birkin SO is here, and she went to pick up for me, but after she saw it, she falled in love to
    *MY*birkin:wtf: she asked me if I can pass this time, and she would like to take it:push: I love my sis very much and let her took the BJ birkin last time from paris, and I think I already have a RD at home, so maybe this dosn't hurt to much to me:crybaby: I called DH, and he said *NO*, and told me at least I must try how much my sis would like this birkin:p What u ladies think???

  2. WOW, that's a dilemna, especially since it was a special order so I assume you really wanted this bag.
  3. Sounds like your sister is a little selfish. You were kind enough to let her take your BJ and now maybe she feels like she can have her choice on anything you order. I, however, do not have a sister, so maybe thats how sisters are. I would tell her that you will conect her with your SA and she can order her own bag. Again, I dont have a sister so maybe this sounds a little harsh.
  4. How long have you been waiting for this SO? If you've been waiting a long time and specifically picked out the color, leather, hardware, I don't think you should pass up on this bag.
    By the way, I'm coveting a white birkin in really, how long did you have to wait?!?
  5. Oh, this is a difficult one.... could you SO another one?
  6. Can she get her own Birkin? Even if she uses you as a connection to the store? Maybe they can find another close to it for her?
  7. About 2 years, actually this is the only and first SO from me, I got all my birkin by walk in:p
  8. ^^^OMG, in that case, keep it, and SO another one for your sis.
  9. Then you should totally keep the white birkin!! You waited 2 yrs for it!
  10. TWO YEARS! Wow, you are a generous sister by the mere fact that you are considering your sister's request IMO.
  11. Hmm.... surely, only she thinks the RD one is close to this for summer, so:shrugs:
  12. Hmmm, although if my sister was in possession of a birkin I might be tempted to ask for it, too!! Come to think of it, she has a black kelly that she has yet to even show me! Okay she lives on the other side of the country, but still...
  13. VERMILLION first of all, I just want to say what a kind and loving sister you are to give her ur BJ birkin!!! She has a treasure in you! Second of all, I think that since you SO'ed this bag and had to wait 2 years for it, you should really keep it for yourself!! If your sister is as wonderful and kind as you are she will understand! Obviously, you have been wanting this birkin for a while otherwise you wouldn't have SO'ed it, whereas your sister's love for the white birkin only came when she picked it up for you! So her love for this bag couldn't possibly be as strong as yours! I say KEEP THIS BAG and tell her you will find her another one either in a SO or along ur many travels!!!
  14. i have a younger sister and i would have NO problem telling her "NO UR CRAZY, THAT BAG IS MINE!!!!!" haha you've obviously shown your generosity when you gave her your BJ birkin, so i'm sure she'll be ok with you keeping your SO this time! :tup: she'll get over it! in the meantime, you can offer to help her find an alternative or perhaps SO one for her!
  15. if you ordered it it's yours. i'm glad she liked it and maybe you can let her use it but i think it's not that nice of her to ask. she has to know how long you waited for this. if she wants it she can SO her own that will be made just for her. it was nice of you to let her have the BJ one but that does not mean she can have all your bags! if it was me i would not let her have it. i would tell her you can talk to your SA and see if they can find her another one or help her SO it.