My new Dilemma, Opinions needed, kinda long

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  1. Alright so long story short my store is having this little event thingy on March 13th, all day. I want to buy something of course lol. I was thinking roughly $1k max.

    *Few Bandeaus and Bandanas to wear as bracelet kinda things, love the look.

    *small stuff like an Azur cles, Groom Cles, both for my car key to be put in, MC Mirror, idk why but I have wanted it for the LONGEST time.

    *bunch of wallets called my DREAM WALLETS, Epi Porte Billets in Mandarin if I can find one, Groom Zip, Perfo Zip in green, and orange if i can get the epi one I would get it in blue, the azur koala, black mc porte billets and the Germanium suhali zip... lots of wallets but I like variety and I think I can get a lot of use out of these. No similar colors so they are all different :smile:

    * maybe this one ring or Suhali s lock bracelet... and of course my usual keepalls I am in loooooove with, a damier 50 but no use for :sad:

    PROBLEM is... I need clothes BAD!!!! in dying need of jeans and shoes and tops.

    So its either LV or CLOTHES, jeans alone will cost me the $1k. and I just got back $300 for taxes :smile: which I Was going to go to Aldo for shoes... and then my dad said he would buy me some shirts.

    I feel bad not getting anything at the store, im not obligated of course but you know that feeling? Just looking for opinions, If i get the clothes and miss out on LV then I have to SAVE up for ever and then buy LV but if I do LV then here comes summer with no clothes... :sad:
  2. I'd be walking around in ratty ole' ripped up jeans if it meant getting 1K worth of LV!!! LOL!!

    I'd go for one of the wallets, a bandeau, and the suhali bracelet!!
  3. no WAY!!!! LV>>>>> clothes! lol besides, guys can go topless in the summertime right??? :graucho: (well...girls can too if you're a feminist.....)

    As for what to get at LV, I prefer getting one wallet and one bandeau :yes: good luck and have fun!
  4. Everything on your LV list seems like wants, unless you absolutely need a new wallet. Why don't you buy one or two small things at LV and spend the rest on clothes?
  5. I'd get LV stuff
    1K for a pair of jeans?? that is what u meant?? I don't think is worth it, at least not for me I spend no more than 200$ in jeans becuase I get boerd soon and they go out of season the same for any kind of garment
  6. I dont NEED any of this lol, I just WANT it lol, we all have these feelings lol. I told my friend this situation and shes like "go big or go home" meaning spend the $1k!
  7. $4-5 pairs for $1k not 1 lol, i would need to be locked up if I ever did that!
  8. ok hehehe yes I tought the same ;)
    why don't you get one wallet or something like that
    or the suhali s lock bracelet and then clothes?
    that suhali is sooooooooooooooooo hot
  9. Do you know how hard it is to walk into LV knowing you can spend $1k and only walk out with spending $500 or less.... for me I always overspend lol
  10. hahaha I know it!!!
    do u feel your collection (which is AMAZING) needs of something in particular?? because the options u gave about purchasing in LV are in a very big range
  11. Matt, get the TR's first. :yes:
  12. I dont think it really needs much... im looking for more useful things, I could totally wear the bandeaus/bandanas on my wrist, i just love that look, I measured my car key and it will fit in both of those cle's I mentioned, I like the idea of having the case for the key and it being inside my pocket rather than just the key itself and plus the cles can be used for something else if need be, as for wallets, I like to mix it up and have variety, I could use a ring, I dont own one at all lol, bracelets, I have 4 LV's now
  13. I would do what someone else said and spend some at LV and the rest on jeans.
  14. ITA. If you are on a budget surely you don't need jeans at 1k???? You can have clothes & a few accessories at LV for 1K I think, best of both worlds :yahoo:
  15. mmm what about L´e inseparable pm ??? as an option
    that one is on my wishlist for this year
    could work for ur car keys in one pocket and the other for bills credit cards etc etc
    ;) just an idea